Unique Gift Ideas

The news is full of stories about all the things that the millennial generation, those born between 1981 and 1997, are killing off. They’re often blamed for the demise of everything from napkins to fast-casual restaurant chains and department stores. So, if you have a millennial in your life, and most of us do, what do you get them as a Christmas gift? Here’s some creative ideas that play into the preferences of the millennial generation.

1) Gift Cards. Gift cards may not seem like the most personalized of gift options, but for a generation raised on Amazon and other e-commerce providers, a gift card allows complete freedom for the recipient to choose their own gift! And if you want to make it look nice, consider grabbing a candy box at your local office supply store. Candy boxes are small boxes that are just the right size for a gift card and can be wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree just like a typical gift.

2) Experiences. With the cost of rent going up all over the country, many millennials aren’t interested in more stuff. Instead, they love unique experiences. If you have a millennial in your life, consider gifting them a cooking class, a guided tour of a local landmark or the opportunity to drive a luxury sports car at a local race track. They’ll love the gift and the memories won’t take up any space in their apartment!

3) Charitable Causes. The millennial generation has been shown to be more interested in social causes than many of the generations before them. As a result, if you have a millennial in your life who is particularly interested or involved in social causes, they may prefer that you not give them a gift at all, but rather give the money to a cause they support. If you’re not sure what types of causes they support, just ask them or, if you want to be more secretive, browse their Facebook page. Facebook has a new feature that allows users to request donations to their favorite causes. Your millennial may have posted something on their Facebook page that could give you a clue as to what type of cause they are a proponent of!

4) Tech. Most millennials have grown up on technology. Many haven’t known a day without a DVD player or the internet. As a result, they are naturally interested in the newest and coolest technology. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a tech gift, there are lots of great websites that will list the latest and greatest tech gifts, all at a variety of prices. These days, anything that involves automation (like an Amazon Alexa) or virtual reality, is a pretty safe bet.

We know millennials can be hard to shop for, but hopefully this list gets your wheels rolling so you can provide the perfect gift for the millennial in your life!