Get Your Sweets While You Can

I am not sure if you know what has been going on in the United States in 2020 but it has been a wild ride.  We have seen the entire country move into a more socialist and near authoritarian society and seen the economy shutdown not once but now twice.  This all started due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It turns out that this pandemic is actually 99.7% survivable at almost all ages and yet it was the excuse our politicians needed to shut down the country.  I am rather sad to see it happen because the first time it put thousands of companies out of business and left our shelves barren across the country.  I saw my favorite candy boxes and toilet paper disappear for months.  Now just when things seemed to be getting back to normal the election has caused many states to shut down again.

This time we are seeing worse lockdowns and all teh science they used to shutdown and open back up is being ignored for the idea that this is all in our own good and yet no proof is being shown.  That is the whole issue is that shelves are empty and people are losing their livelihood over lies.  I am really saying this to let you know that the west coast just shut down and you should start to prepare for the same thing to happen all across the United States again.  If there are certain types of candy boxes that you think your family will need for the future to stay sain then you should stock up on them now.

I am seeing grocery stores ration goods already and many are completely running out of many items.  This is the time to attempt to stock up before it takes 6 hours to attempt to get canned goods and toilet paper only to find out that they are completely gone.  It is incredible to see this and yet half the country actually wants to live in a society that is limited and not free.  It makes zero sense to me why living like a third world country is a good idea when we don’t have too. Last I checked my car has a much higher percentage chance of killing me every time I go out driving than this virus.  But that is all a moot point.  I think you should work on taking care of your family and get all the food and supplies you need now before it is simply too late.

Salty snacks

We are seeing shortages all over the west coast and the time is simply slipping away to prepare for the worst to happen again.  This time it is going to happen in winter and things will simply be worse. There is no answer for the collapse of the economy and no accountability for people telling lies or pretending that it is ok to do what they are doing.  Not a single politician who has broken our constitution has been prosecuted and no one has the guts to try.  The freedom of living in this country is gone.  So my advice is to pack up and leave any major city and head to the country.  Get away from this madness and stay safe where the rule of law at least won’t take away your rights, right away.