About Us

It seems as if the whole world is coming together through this period of quarantine. At a time where humans could feel so alone sitting in their houses all by themselves, it seems like our communities are growing. I know I have seen on many of my social medias people promoting take-out from small, local restaurants. Local boutiques or craft stores are selling things online now. You can buy gift cards for places that are currently closed but will reopen at a later time. People are buying local art. This time can feel so lonely and dark, but it is up to us to bring light to this situation.

It is a scary time for a lot of people right now. They may be laid off during this time because there is no work for them to be doing. Many people are not sure how they are going to pay their bills, their rent, their mortgage, and even their hospital bills if somehow they manage to contract the virus. All of the ways I listed above are ways people can help their communities. This cannot be a time we are selfish. We have to get through this all together.

If you are unable to contribute financially to others around you, there are still other ways to show people you care and love and support them.

One way I have been able to do so is baking. I have also loved to bake. It brings me joy while I am doing it, and I can tell it brings other people joy when they receive my baking as a gift. I live in a pretty small apartment community where all of the neighbors pretty much know each other. We are all younger people and I worry about if some of them lost their jobs over this crisis. I know many are working from home and are probably fine, but others may not be so lucky. Baking is a way I (and a few other community members) have decided to bring some joy to others’ lives. We all agreed to make many different mini-desserts and then compile them all into candy boxes. Of course we have to be careful and clean and sterilize all tools used in baking and in preparing the boxes. One woman (who lives alone and has been self isolating for weeks) has offered to collect all of the candy boxes and the mini-desserts to be packaged. She then delivered each box on the doorstep of each neighbor to be collected and enjoyed!