Bettering Yourself for the New Year

Whenever a new year comes around, we tend to make lists of things to do, and almost always they involve tangible objectives to reach. Losing weight. Putting on muscle. Traveling to XX. Saving money.

But what about the intangible markers? Why don’t we emphasize behavior, mental health, knowledge, and so on? I think those are the most valuable resolutions anyone could put down for themselves.

For 2019, you should try out something new. Attempt to make a change in your own habits, experiences, and routines.

Present others with more gifts

Whether you’re giving someone something they’ve been asking for for awhile or merely going out and getting a few candy boxes for a friend who’s down after their most recent breakup, you’re being selfless and increasing the happiness of someone other than yourself. (And hey, everyone likes candy boxes, right?)

Radiate positivity

This one seriously isn’t hard to actually do. It’s just hard to remember to do, unfortunately. But if you can remember to just smile, compliment others, request things nicely, look on the bright side of things, and do your best, you’re making your community, home, office, or whatever else a much better and more positive place.


This could mean donating things to a local homeless shelter. It could mean giving your time to a family member in need. It could mean giving back to the earth by recycling. It could mean giving up your weeknight to volunteer. It could even mean giving your dog an extra toy each month. Whatever the case, giving makes you feel good because it’s an inherently good feeling once you focus on others, not yourself.

Get better

At what, you ask? Anything. Everything. Get better at that workout routine you’re just starting. Get better at cooking healthier meals in your home. Get better at being kind to strangers. Get better at drinking less alcohol. Get better at listening to more varied genres of music. Get better at your job, get better at improving on your relationship with your significant other, and get better at managing your time outside of work.

As you can tell, resolutions for the new year shouldn’t just entail goals to achieve and be done with. Rather, you should head in the opposite direction and strive to be better in general about all the healthier, more positive things you can do with your time. Look to change your lifestyle and mindset, not just lose a few pounds and call it done.

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