5 Tips To Enhance The Style Of Candy Boxes

Do you own a shop selling candies, either homemade or otherwise, and wish to make the presentation of your boxes a bit more appealing? There are many ways that shop owners can draw customers to their product, by merely upping the game when it comes to packaging design. There are so many ways that you can catch the eye of candy lover’s and inevitably gain a customer. In this article, we will go over five of the ways you can increase profit by changing the way you present your sweet treats!

1. Eye-Popping Colors Are Everything!

The most significant revenue stream for any candy business is children. Albeit plenty of adults love a sweet treat now and then, but many of them may be purchasing a box of sweets for their little one anyways. Children focus their attention on bright, happy, vibrant colors. One of the first things your customer sees when they walk into your shop is the way in which you present your product. Do you use bland white candy boxes to package your treats? The practice of using boring boxes may be hurting your business more than you know. By spicing things up and adding pops of bright color and unique themed boxes will draw far more attention to your product and will have them flying off the shelves faster than you can saw Willy Wonka!

2. Small Hands Need Small Boxes.

In the same respect that children love bright, vibrant colors and themes, they also want to feel helpful by carrying their packages. The smaller your treat boxes are, the easier they are for little hands to handle.

3. Quality Over Quantity.

Another vital reason to purchase smaller candy boxes for your business is that they are cheaper for you, so you can buy more and package more product to sell. Also, customers usually do not want a giant box of candy unless they are going to an event in which it is necessary. By making the majority of your treats available in smaller more attractive packaging, customers are far more likely to purchase a box or two while visiting your shop. Boxing this way is also a great way to earn new clientele by giving them just a sample of what your store keeps in stock; If they enjoy what you sold them, they are sure to return!

4. Window Panes Are A Must!

Instead of purchasing all boxes which are solid all the way around, make sure there is a window pane in the packaging so that they can see what is inside. Packaging this way will also save you from replacing damaged product due to customers ripping open boxes to see what is inside. Another great way to display your candy is by packaging them in a box with a comparable color, making them more eye-catching and appealing to your customer.

5. It’s The Little Things.

The finishing touch on your treat boxes is everything! Themed boxes which feature swirls, sparkles, or famous characters are great for catching the attention of shoppers in your store. However, a perfectly spiraled ribbon or intricately placed sticker can make all the difference. By adding that extra touch of color and substance to your treat boxes gives them a far more appealing and professional appearance, especially to your younger customers.

Now that you have these tips to support you, have fun with it, get creative, and show off your candy with beautifully crafted boxes.

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